Why my 64gb sandisk Pendrive show 57.2gb?

Formatting doesn’t use all the bytes. Gaps between clusters. Normal.

A more simple answer would be to say that nothing is ever the exact amount.

Whether a USB (NOT Pendrive) drive or phone or whatever.

I think to say it is just a formatting thing is incorrect because that implies there is a way to have access to all 64gb 100%, which is just not possible.

“In the simplest terms, to prolong the life of the drive and formatting. You’ll notice this with any drive even hard drives that the total storage is a little less than the advertised storage capacity. This is fine. Some of that storage is lost to formatting and many manufacturers will reserve a certain amount of space on a disk, especially flash based ones, to move around data to balance out the use of the memory cells or act as a cache to increase drive speed. If you used the full capacity of the drive it wouldn’t last nearly as long. Completely filling up and solid state drive will reduce its life span.”

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