I bought mine off Amazon and ignored the “Luke Warm” reviews of it, I tend to be a person who learns on their own experiances when possible.

I had an issue with this player the Clip Sport Plus when it came to updating the firmware but eventually sorted it to be hit with another more serious issue than the previous one - Volume, or lack of it.

This device was solely bought for me to use on the treadmill, I have to be honest if you set aside the volume issue this would be the best MP3 player on the market hands down!.

So I opened the box when I first received it and the first thing you must always do to any device that runs on a battery is CHARGE IT fully.

So after a while, it was fully charged and I had bought some decent cordless earbuds for it and they had blazing reviews, I parred them both with no real issues and pressed play…The player was playing music but nothing was coming out? I had remembered from reading posts on the other Clip Sport device that you have to set your location as REST OF WORLD to avoid the dreaded EU restriction with the volume, so mine was set to rest of world, I was good to go…but could hear no sound so I turned the machine on its side to see the volume buttons on its left and to my shock it was actually on HALF WAY???

I knew straight away this wasn’t looking good so I turned it all the way up and wow…I was blown away that whoever at either sandisk or whoever made the decision to restrict these actually is in a job? because the volume its set at in maximum is less louder than general talking volume, its an over the top restriction.

Some of the reviews on this device date back many years and I was shocked to see that because that Sandisk have not listed to its users? such a small firmware update could sort that but its not going to happen…

So for the second time in two days TWO Sandisk MP3 players are going back to Amazon, the first was the Clip sport Go that I wasn’t told has no Bluetooth and had to send it back and the other is the PLUS model to it which has volume but at an output which should be classed as very unrealistic…My days of buying Sandisk products I think are over.

Hi @Orange224,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:


  1. Try different ear buds. My current favorite is the Runner Wired Earbuds from Five Below.
  2. Make sure your region setting is not European Union. (This is default 50% max volume.)
  3. Try different EQ Settings. There are several and some are very useful depending if you are in a noisy or quiet location.