No more High setting in music volume?

I just updated my Clip+ firmware to the newest version (01.02.09) and noticed that the volume level is way too low for my Sennheiser’s to produce efficient sound. I also noticed this in the release notes:

“Max volume level is lowered in Normal volume setting to comply with new European Union requirement”

I can’t find the volume setting in anywhere! In my 2Gt Clip it is located in -> settings -> volume -> high, but in my Clip+ there is no such option anywhere! Is this a bug or a feature?

It’s a legal thing.

Use the ‘reset factory settings’ option in system settings.  For region choose something that isn’t Europe.

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Problem solved! Thank you!

You’re welcome :smiley:

Thank you very much for that tip :smiley:

Thanks for that. What an utterly ridiculous situation.

It’s really just the EU trying to protect your hearing.  Personally, I’m fine with doing that myself.  Perhaps it’s good for younger kids.

Indeed. But, what about us older people (who are already slighly deaf because the EU wasn’t their to protect us before!)? I was a bit stumped by the sudden drop of volume following a frimware upgrade. You shouldn’t confuse old people like that. Bad EU.:wink:

PS Other than the voulme, what’s the actual difference between the regions? Thanks.


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Actually, that’s a very good point, as to those with hearing deficits–the EU pushes the burden of a workaround on them, rather than having a simple switch.

The region setting also may affect the fm radio, although that separately can be handled under the Radio Options menu.  I’m not aware that anything else is impacted.

Thanks Miikerman.

Quick question:

If I select “Reset Factory Settings” will it wipe the music off the player?

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If I select “Reset Factory Settings” will it wipe the music off the player?

No. That didn’t happen when I did a reset.

Thanks, it worked fine.

Plus, different headphones vary wildly in sensitivity.  I listen to my music very quietly in general.  With my very sensitive IEMs the volume setting is almost at the bottom.  My Koss portapros and KSC75s are at around 1/3 of the way up, and my old fostex T-20 are a little over half, all with the volume set to “high”.

If I couldn’t set it to high the Fostex phones wouldn’t even be usable.  The max volume on “normal” is 50%, and a reasonable, but fairly quiet listening level on those phones is about 60%.

Meanwhile, full volume on “normal” would be loud enough to cause hearing damage with my IEMs.

This is really a stupid thing. It would be much better if they warn you when you go over the ‘safe’ volume instead of just making it impossible to increase it, unless you lie about your location!

The volume that was set as maximum is too low to hear the music when you are cycling with hard wind or while listening in an airplane! 

I was about to go back to the shop where I bought it but then I realized that I just did not believe that the maximum volume was really limited by the hardware. Strolling through the manual I read about a volume option which I did not have on my device (I live in the Netherlands) and then I was nerdy enough to check the forum. 

I believe that warning people is ok, but please just allow them to think for themselves! I don’t blame SanDisk though, they just have to follow the rules. 

Overall the player is really nice and cool, and extremely easy to use!!!  

It’s all a response to the EU directive that volume limitation be enacted.  Presumably, especially good for one’s children (until they read the forum and leaarn how to get around it, that is). 

Well, legislators most certainly aren’t engineers.  The sensitivity of IEMs is considerably higher than open earbuds, making the attenuation factor a bit of a problem.  The EU limitation is a matter of product compliance, of course, that all manufacturers must comply with.

I had to play the role of “volume constable” with my daughters, until they saw the light of preserving their hearing.

My hearing is still acceptable as of the last test, but years of blaring sirens overhead, chainsaws, and the helicopter turbines have nibbled at my own ears.

Always set your volume at a comfortable level if you can.  Tinnitus sucks, to put it mildly.  I carry a set of “foamies” in my pocket, and don the big guys whenever the noise level is high.

Bob  :wink:

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Thank you very much for the astuce !!!

I was deseperate because I couldn’t hear music on my bicycle…

@maestros001 wrote:

Thank you very much for the astuce !!!

I was deseperate because I couldn’t hear music on my bicycle

I’d prefer to listen for cars coming, myself…:wink:

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@maestros001 wrote:

Thank you very much for the astuce !!!

I was deseperate because I couldn’t hear music on my bicycle

_ I’d prefer to listen for cars coming _, myself…:wink:


Indeed . . . otherwise the next sound yoiu hear may be the beep . . . beep . . . beep of the heart rate monitor or the whoosh . . . whoosh . . . whoosh of the respirator in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital. :dizzy_face: