why doesn't the Clip support folder/filenames?

There are lots of messages on this forum asking IF this is possible. None of them ask why. Is it really that difficult to write into the firmware, especially considering the level of demand? I can’t even believe such an otherwise pleasing device has such a glaring flaw. I didn’t even check before I ordered it, I was so convinced that file/folder browsing was the ONLY sensible way to organise a music collection. Apart from the fools I know who are stuck with iPods, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use this system. I am seriously considering sending my new Clip back and buying another Sony player that supports folder browsing and playing. I am certainly not going to waste my time organising my 80GB of music just so I can play it on this device if I want to.

I agree that folder view would be nice.  SanDisk says it is looking into it. Who knows if it’ll be possible/implemented.

Note that tagging programs often will batch convert at least your folder and file names into tags. 

Meh. I listen to my randomly anyways. Not a big deal for me.


Also, note that one of the contributors to the Clip forum, eliasf, nicely created a software application which will create playlists for the folders on your Clip.