I bougth a Sansa Clip 2Gb for my girlfriends sister this christmas. We just discovered that it has no support for folder-view. I know this has been up here before, but I have another question about it.


It makes no sense to me :neutral_face:

I know that alot of people just love the “album, artist genre”-thing, but why exclude the folderview? Some people thinks that folders is way better than the other way.

It’s kinda hard to explain for a person that don’t know much about computers, what ID3-tags is and how they work. She (and I) just want to move files into folders and avoid messing with ID3-tags-programs.

So again, why?

You should ask smart guys from Sandisk.

After a bit of searching I found a long thread about this, we may continue there. Better to have all questions about this in the same thread (or no questions about it at all?).

Tried to delete this thread but it was not possible, så admin can delete this if needed.

Please don’t write more here, I don’t want to upset anyone who dislikes multiple threads about the same topic.