Does the Clip support folders?

I am thinking about buying the clip, but before I do I just want to make sure that I am able to organize my music into folders. I recently bought an Ematic and it just dumps all music into one folder making it a huge pain to find what your lookinig for. Thanks in advance for your answers.

Clip? No.

Clip+? Yes.

Even with the Clip, you can put your music into folders.  It’s just that the Clip generally ignores the folders (apart from the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders) and uses the files’ ID3 tags to organize the music. 

JackSparrow, I had the same problem with the old Sansa, it was one of my biggest complaints.  This has been completely fixed with the Clip+.  Now, along with artists, albums, and the like, there is a Folders option, and once you’ve chosen that you can browse the folder trees just like you were in windows.