Who else here hates navigation by tags?

When will Sandisk make some players that offer a choice between navigating by folders or by tags?

Not that I hate it, but this could be a welcome feature.

Although accelerated scrolling and bookmarking are much more important :D 

I’ll second that: tags are okay, but so is folder!  And yes accelerated scrolling would be really nice, especially when the thing gets 24GB or 40GB later on… although at 16GB it’s already pretty long to scroll throught the artists (especially if you have some compilations) and albums.

I never used Tags, so i dont see them as a feature at all.

I have all my music in folders on my fuze and clip, by “Artist/Album/” formatting.

I only use browse by artist in the clip / fuze, so i dont really need a folder feature either, but rather that then the in my opinion useless tag-browsing.

Mainproblem with By artist, is that when the artist is featured by someone, the featured is their own artist in the browsing.

Aka, when i browse artist Luciana… i only see like 4tracks in her album on the clip / fuze.

To listen to the other tracks, I have to search up like Taio Cruz etc… since they are feat. by luciana… :confused:

how come you never use tags?

tags are essential for mp3 files, it would be very weird if you had none at all :slight_smile:

most files are tagged anyway

@riven wrote:

most files are tagged anyway

That depends on what you are listening to.  I use the player primarily to listen to talks.  Well under 10% are tagged in any reasonable or consistent way when I get them.  This means I have to retag everything.

A disadvantage of tags for music is when working with compilation albums.  The Artist menu gets incredibly long since it is organized by track artist rather than album artist.  (I understand why some would like the track artist menu though.)

In both those cases, i’d find it easier to navigate by folder.  Lacking that, I navigate primarily using the genre menu.  (Of course, that means I have had to set reasonable genres for all files I put on the player.)

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“That depends on what you are listening to.  I use the player primarily to listen to talks.  Well under 10% are tagged in any reasonable or consistent way when I get them.  This means I have to retag everything.”

Exactly! Either tags are missing, or there are slight variations in tags that make files sort in unexpected ways.

For classical music, a tag for composer and a separate tag for performer is really needed. Sometimes the artist tag has the composer, and sometimes it has the performer. A big mess. for podcasts and audiobooks, it would be nice to have the title in a certain color if the file hasn’t been listened to completely, and a different color after it has been. Having the files sorted on the player exactly the same way they are sorted on Windows Explorer makes managing files so much easier. Tags might be okay for those who rarely add or delete music or podcasts, and who don’t mind spending the time editing tags. Those who change podcasts frequently on the player will find navigating by folders so much easier.

Maybe i missunderstood something, but isnt tags the same as “genres” ? …

And i dont want to search for “classical”, when i want to here vivaldi. i go to artist vivaldi, and then chose la primavera :slight_smile:

and for all my synthmusic, the genres that wmp11 sets for me, isnt what i like to call the music really.

Synthmusic, often become alternative, industrial etc instead :confused:

tag is a value stored in the mp3/ogg/etc, it can be any kind of information, for example artist, album, genre, year, etc

so when you navigate using artists / albums, you navigate via tags.

ok, now i feel stupid haha.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

I don’t hate tags, but on my previous players, two RCA Lyras, I had folder support, which was definitely easier.  But, I do like being able to play songs by artist, genre, and album, which tagging does help.  I guess I’d like to have them both, and then choose what I want, but I can’t really complain.  I’ve enjoyed my Clip and now, my Fuze, so much so far.


All the best.