White Screen and a Red-dotted black blotch at bottom

I have had my Fuze for about 5 months now. I’m kinda lazy so I just got everything really set up how I want it. But when I woke up this morning I go to turn it on and all I get is this white screen with at the bottom, a black blob and tiny red dots scattered around that area. I plugged it into my computer and it stayed the same so I unplugged it and switched off and then back on and it was still there. So (hopping that this would somehow fix it) flipped off and then back on again except this die it just stayed dead. My computer wont even read it right now, but I’m leaving it plugged in hoping that it will fix itself for the moment. Does anyone know of this problem and how to fix it or am I just screwed out of a MP3 player until I can get enough money to buy another one?

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Contact SanDisk for a replacement under their 1-year warranty.

1-866-Sandisk if you’re in the US. :smiley:

K, I’ll try that… or my dad will. :robotvery-happy:

You could try a reset first, but chances are it’s toast.

Yeah I tried that but its pretty much toast. Although I was able to access its files and remove all my vids and music so I dont have to get them again.

Thanks for your help.