Which memory to transfer my music to ? Internal 8GB or 16GB SDHC ?

I’ve just bought a ClipZip 8GB and need to transfer 9.6GB of music to it using MediaMonkey so need extra memory. If I buy an additional 16GB Micro SDHC memory card and install it, where does MediaMonkey put the 9.6GB music ? All on the 16GB SDHC or some on the 8GB internal memory and some on the SDHC ? Or don’t I need to bother about this ? Does the ClipZip simply automatically set up a continuum of 8+16=24GB memory and use that as if it were one block ?

No. There is no software that will ‘automatically’ fill up one memory location and then switch to another. You will have to specify which files you want it to put where. so you will have to elimate some music to get down below 8GB to be transferred/sopied to the interanl memory, Then you can set everything else up to go on the card.

The Clip Zip will play music/files from both the internal memory and SD card seamlessly, but it still sees them as 2 separate physical memory locations.

Thanks for this prompt reply/clarification. So presumably I somehow have to tell MediaMonkey to sync a <8GB batch of my music to the internal memory and the rest to the SD card. I’m not sure how to do this but I presume that other Clip Zip users have had the same challenge and that the procedure is documented somewhere, possibly on this forum (I’ve searched here for it but couldn’t find anything, possibly because I was using the wrong search terms. I’ve also read the manual without success).

It all depends on how Media Monkey’s interface works. You can’t do it all in 1 fell swoop though. You will have to tell it what files/folders to load to the internal memory; then after that’s done, do the same for the SD card.

Have you used Media Monkey before with another player? If not, that’s the manual or instructions you have to familiarize yourself with. You do know though, that no ‘syncing’ software (like Media Monkey) is required . . . you can just highlight, drag & drop (copy & paste) the folders from your computer to your Zip. Easy-Peasy!

Thanks for this. So I’ll start with the Easy-Peasy route and then graduate to playlisting once I have read the manual. I’ve already discovered that if I copy a set of songs to the SD card Clip Zip finds them automatically without asking me where they are. Your help much appreciated.


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