increasing memory

I am looking to buy the 4gb Clip and then adding a 32gb card to increase memory. Do the two combine internally to form one memory or do they stay as two separate ones? And is it easy to put music onto the added card or do I have to reconfigure everything?

While the player will see files on both the internal memory and external card and will play them seamlessly, they are in fact 2 separate memory locations, so you have to load files to each separately and intentionally.

Drag & dropping/copying & pasting in MSC mode works equally well for both and is very simple to do. :smiley:

And just to amplify as to user use:

The player combines the files on the internal and external memory into a single database.  And so when you go to the Albums, Artists and Songs selectors, everything is there in a single list for each.

One nice exception:  at the bottom of the selectors list, there is an entry for Folders–when you go there, your files are organized just like your folders and files on your computer, and so there is a separate entry for each of internal memory and external memory.

Cool thanks guys. Any idea if I’ll be able to drag & drop my Rhapsody tracks straight onto the memory card while it is inside the Clip Zip?

I don’t believe you can just drag & drop Rhapsody files, since it is a subscription service and therefore requires you use MTP mode so the licensing keys transfer over to the device. I believe though, you can put Rhapsody content on the memory card now; you didn’t used to be able to. I doubt whether it will work if you put this card into another player though; the files will only play on the device or card they are initially loaded to with the Rhapsody software.