Where's the Update

quite simply, i have just look at some of the first post in 7-25-07, it said to wait for a first in the next firmware update… and his firmware was 1.01.01a… so my question is, after 3-4 months why hasn’t there been an update on the firmware, it seems like sandisk just doesn’t care about this product and now im stuck with it (as mine is having issues and wished to exchange with a different model, but alas not possible.) This lack of care for their product makes me wish to not buy another sandisk. just my thoughts:angry:

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What issues are you having specifically with your Express?

Unfortunately, your thoughts appear to be correct…  :frowning:

Looks like we all got what we paid for…  I got tired of waiting for the update (like when a girl rejects you over and over) and sold my Express on eBay (good luck to the new owner!).

I just got a Philips SA9200 and love it… Buy anything but SD, even an ipod!

Goodbye forever Sandisk!