To update or not?

I’m using my new 2GB Express with WMP11 and a 2GB SanDisk MicroSD.  Out of the package, the firmware was version 01.01.01A2.  So far, the player has been working as expected and I am able to upload and play my music without any issues.

Having read many of the horror stories in this forum, I won’t even install the firmware updater until I’m convinced that it’s necessary.  Granted, people probably won’t come to the forums unless they have issues or questions, so it’s hard to judge whether or not the posts here represent a good mix of Express owners.

My questions are, should I keep the unit’s firmware up to date or leave well enough alone?  Before updating, are you informed of the fixes so that you can decide whether it’s worth running the update?  Has anyone updated recently without encountering subsequent problems?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

If it’s working for you now, no need to update to new firmware until others have tried it out.  You don’t want to update and be sorry about it. Have fun Expressing.

Thanks kmc2005.  As tempting as it is to have the latest firmware, I’m going to take your advice and stick with the original firmware.  So far, the soft reset sequence has gotten the unit out of any hangups, which have been infrequent.

Actually now they just have a new firmware out which is better than the current firmware 1.01.01 so you might want to update to prevent some problem in the future like boot up issue, microSd issue…however, if you are happy with it now and don’t want to update…it’s up to you…but it seems the new firmware is more stable.