Where's the model number?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Sandisk Sansa Clip 2GB but after a week’s use it won’t turn on anymore while it is still recognized by my computer. I’ve figured out (by reading the topics on this board) that either the unit is defect or it just won’t hold the charge. Since I’m not a big computertech myself I’ve decided to call Sandisk Tech Support and I read the topic with things you need to know before calling them.

Now my question: where do I find the model number? And any other numbers I need for that matter?


There’s a laser etched production number on the bottom edge of the Clip.  Looking at the Clip straight-on, tilt it away from your eye.  The number is on the right.

As far as not turning on, try the soft reset.  Slide teh power switch up to the ON position, and HOLD it there for ten seconds, then release.

Now, try turning your Clip on again.  It should come back to life.

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Thanks for your reply,

I’ve tried the reset  but it’s still dead :( 

If you picked up the Clip at a local shop, the simplest thing to do is to bring it back and exchange it for a new one.

If ordered online, contact the vendor for a replacement, as this is often the simplest solution, and the quickest.

Beyond this initial period, SanDisk covers your Sansa for one year.  They can be reached via telephone, at 1-866-SANDISK.  You should also register your device by clicking on the SanDisk logo in the upper left corner, and going to Support.

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