Where to download music

I don’t mean to sound stupid, but I have no clue as to where to download music.  Any ideas?

Thanks  :slight_smile:

I have tried several LEGAL online services and none of them will download MP3s.  If you don’t have a cd burner and don’t want to illegally download, you are screwed - at least as best as I can tell.

This product desperatly needs an update to the programming to allow it to play WMAs or something else very common.

I got a reply from SanDisk today.  The answer is that you can’t.

Here is what they wrote:

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support.

Please be informed that the player does not support purchased songs. You can only transfer regular mp3 files to the player. These Mp3 files are not licensed.

Should you have any other concern with our products, feel free to contact us again.

Best Regards,