dowvnload mp3

I have SanDisk Sansa e200

Is there any place I can download free mp3 music for htis SanDisk? I wanted to get songs by Dutch singer Heintje.

I saw a few places, but they wanted me to downlload .exe files and they said something about binary, etc., which I know nothing about.

Can anyone help me please?

I don’t think I can download anything from Youtube, although I had one mp4 video on .

I dud have a Heintje MP4 video on my pc and I copied it onto my Sandisk and I could play it on my PC when the Sandisk was conencted to the PC, but I could not play it on the Sandisk when the Sandisk was disconnected from the PC. Guess I can only play it when connected to the PC???

Maybe it would be helpful for you to go back and read some of the answers given to you 6 years ago here:

As far as free mp3 dowlnoads, there’s a thread for that here too:

Most everything else would have to be paid for, to be legal.

And mp4 videos are not a supported format of the e200 series. They would first need to be converted to a format the player can read.

Legally, I would say there is virtually none out there. But all I can say is that this is possible, it’s just now allowed to show the steps in this forum. 

@kitscht wrote:

Legally, I would say there is virtually none out there.

And you would be wrong. The thread I linked to has links to totally legal & free music downloads.