downloading music

I bought one of these sanDisk mp3 for one purpose and that was go get music without internet while on vacation.  Some places do not have free wifi so this looked good for listening to music on the beach.  I do not know where to get music on my computer so that I can transfer it to my mp3 player without having to pay to download anything!  Is this possible?  I would have loved to have transferred my pandora etc. but since it is internet…not possible.  I have no idea on how to find websites to let me download music.  Any help is appreciated…otherwise this mp3 player will go back to Best Buy.


you can get music from CDs you own but other than that you will have to purchase it. That is the only legal way to get music. There are ways to steal music but the forum rules and guidelines prevent anyone from posting how to do that here.

Streaming services like Pandora can steam music to users for free because you cannot download the music. Basically the artists get paid by pandora per play and pandora makes money from ad revenue. 

basically nothing in this world is free so if you don’t want to steal music you will have to pay for it one way or another, either by actually purchasing it or by listening to ads. 

Do you have any CD’s? You can rip them (convert to .mp3 format) and load your player with those. Otherwise, anything you download from the internet legally will cost you usually $ .99 - $1.29 a song; albums are usually 10 bucks each.

Thre ARE webistes that offer free (and legal) music downloads, but your selections are severely limited and it depends on what your musical tastes are. You won’t find any current and/or hit music on them.