My son bought the c240 series mp3 player and well I have no idea what to do with it.  He got it while he was in Ohio and now he’s back home and he wants me to download music to it but I’m not able to…I asked him if it came with a cd (the software isk) and he said he thinks so (he’s only 9) well I wasn’t given the cd and I want to be able to download music for him…what do I do??? please help…thank you

Nevermind I figured it out…

There are some really good resources for you on Sandisk’s website, especially if you are missing documentation.

A link to the user guide, readable in Adobe Acrobat reader:

You should probably install the Firmware Updater to keep your player’s operating system up to date (this isn’t urgent since you probably have a pretty new version):

How-to videos on how to load music in various ways, either through Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop method) or Windows Media Player, Yahoo Jukebox, Napster or other programs:

And of course, we’re all here to try to help each other.


 xarophti THANKS BIG TIME for the link to the User Guide. I searched the SanDisk website up/down/and around and back again and I couldn’t find it on my own. [You’d think SanDisk web-designer would make a link to “User Guide(s)” obvious; but I searched 30  minutes and could not find it]. All I could find, in the way of instructions, was some “How To” Videos on SanDisk’s website. The How-To videos were good in what they covered but the How-to videos were rather limited to instructions on just a few things- the videos do not cover “everything” from A to Z.

Thanks again for the link to the User Guide.

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what else would you suggest a video for? I think they have pretty much everything I can think of