Where did all the U3 apps go?

I’ve been using U3 applications for a while now.  But… Where did all the U3 apps go?

I’m not sure why it never really caught on, or why it’s being allowed to fade into obsurity. I like having a small set of micro Apps and utilities to carry with me and would love to know where to find new ones. So, aside from just doing some Google research, does anyone know of a website that offers centralized distribution of U3 apps?

I’m particularly interested in recovering some of the free software I downloaded from U3 Central a while back.

Try this out… http://www.u3applications.com/

Thanks greyfalcon, but I’ve been there. While there are a few interesting apps (some I already have!), the number of offerings is pityfull compared to what was once registered to the original U3 Software website. Where is Veoh, for example, or Foxit Reader? And, where are the commercial products?

It seems to me the industry is burying the little OS that could.

This link may help: 


Another option would be to:

Install the PortableApps’ Suite to the drive  ( http://portableapps.com/suite )

Then download this mini U3 app ( http://www.filefactory.com/file/b1h7653/n/PAMenu.U3P ) which adds the PortableApps Menu to the U3 menu and install it.

You will then have U3 security and easy access to the PA menu.  (win/win)

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I am the owner and admin of U3Applications.com. I am sorry that my selection is not what U3.com’s was, but you can always request any apps you wish. The reason my selection is limited is that this is a one-man volunteer show. I have to support myself, so I can’t spend 24 hours a day on it. However, I do my best to keep all my users happy, so if you would like to see an app added to my small (but growing!) collection, please request it.

Note: I cannot add or maintain non-free apps, due to all the licensing and payment issues.

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You have a nice site Mr. Strout.  Thanks for hosting it.

@Ed_P My pleasure.

@Eulipian I have found a U3 version of Foxit Reader. Unfortunately, it is only v.3.0, but it is better than nothing, right? You can find it at http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/u3/. Also, I will try to make a U3 version of Foxit Reader myself, based on Foxit v.4.3, though I cannot guarantee anything. As to Veoh, I can’t make that one due to licensing issues.

Ok, more U3 in:   http://filecloud.io/_ohfsy0x

Honestly, I don’t really like U3 much. It consumes space and slows things down. I don’t need security as long as my flash drive is physically secure.

I think you’re confusing U3 with SecureAccess.

AND it should be noted that the dstrout’s link NO LONGER has U3 apps.,

Ed_P wrote:


AND it should be noted that the dstrout’s link NO LONGER has U3 apps.,

Such problems arise when people resurrect 2-year old threads. :angry:

:smileyvery-happy: Hello! Well, what happens is that if Elvis Lives, why not? U3 Smart … http://u3-powered.blogspot.com http://filecloud.io/_ohfsy0x Regards, Alfred. (Translated by Google)