IS MY USB STICK U3 Since it does not refer this in the cover/package of it?

I have:

SunDisk Cruzer Micro usb 2.0 flash drive 4gb,

this stich technology, is appropriate for both u3 &

If it’s new, and U3 isn’t on it already, probably not.  Easiest way to verify if it’s U3 compatible, download U3 and try to install it.  If the device is not compatible you’ll get a message saying so.

Another option for securing the device is this:

As for using it with PortableApps, sure.

portable Apps may installed and to Memory cards like: SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, CF… ETC?

Is required these cards or sticks to be empty, to install either portableApps or u3(sticks)?

If it’s writable PortableApps can be put on it, whether anything else exists on the drive or not.

If U3 isn’t on the device, and can be, the install of U3 will format the device so anything on it will be erased.