When will 4GB Fuze+ be released?

Hello all,

I’ve searched the forums and the web in general to try to find this out, but I can’t find anything.  I’m wondering a couple of things.

  1.  If I order a 4GB Fuze+ from the SanDisk store will they ship it, or would it just be a pre-order like it currently is on Amazon?

  2.  When will the 4GB model be released for sales on online retail stores?

Thanks.  I really appreciate any input!

  • Sean

My suggestion is to pick up an 8gb at Best Buy if that is an option.  I really can’t say when the 4gb will be available though.  The 8gb are available in white, blue, black and purple at BB though now for $90.  That would be my preference over the 4gb, unless you plan to primarily use a micro sd card with the Fuze, hence spending the least money possible on the 4gb.  

Always go ‘large and in charge’. :smiley:

For the small difference in price, the extra memory space will be well worth it. You _ will _ fiind that you need that extra room eventually (usually before you expect to).

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time of anything smaller than 8GB internal memory on any player, even with the external memory card option. If you don’t have a lot of music to fill it up, you can rip CD’s at a higher bit-rate (and larger file size) for higher sound quality without being concerned on whether it will fit or not.

And you can also hint around to your friends and family that you now have this new toy, but not enough music to fill it, so for Chritmas and/or birthdays, etc. they could buy you some more CD’s or a gift card for an on-line music service.:wink:

Why do you want to buy the 4 GB model? It is only $10 less than the 8 GB one. With such a small price difference, I don’t even understand why Sandisk bothered to make a 4 GB model. Having a 32 GB model instead of the 4 GB model would imo  have made more sense. I guess Sandisk may have felt that if they did make a 32 GB model, it would need to have a song limit of 16,000 (64 GB of 4 minute songs at 128 kbps). The song limit on the Fuze+ is only around 10,240 though.

Thanks for your input everyone.  I actually already have a 16GB microSD card.  That combined with the internal 4GB would be more than enough for me.  However, I thought the 8GB model was $20 more than the 4GB model, so thanks to JK98 for pointing out that it’s only $10 more.

Anyway, my question remains unanswered, so if anyone could speak to that, again, I’d appreciate it.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific “release date”. They will appear when they appear . Initial supplies might be limited. Some stores might not even want to stock the 4 GB, since it is so close in price to the 8 GB. Many stores never stocked the 2 GB Clip+.

Even though you have a 16 GB card, I still think it makes sense to get the the 8 GB Fuze+ rather than the 4 GB one, although I personally prefer an 8 GB Fuze to an 8 GB Fuze+.