U.K. Fuze+

When will the Fuze+ be available in UK and any idea of the price for different models?

I guess Sandisk won’t comment on this, as if they do give a date, people will complain if it doesn’t get there by then. Do you remember when the Clip+ made it to the UK? It got to the US at the start of last September. I think Sandisk would like the Fuze+ to be in plentiful supply in Europe for the holiday selling season, but whether or not it will be is another matter

I guess pricing in the UK is probably typically something like 25-50% higher than US pricing? If I had to guess, I would say probably something like 75-85 quid for an 8 GB Fuze+.

Just come across a report on Techradar  website to say Fuze+ due for UK release  mid October with prices for 4/8/16Gb of £69/£79/£*89 respectively