Thinking about buying. Question about memory card?

I have a few gift cards to Target so I was gonna buy my 4gb Fuze from there. I was also going to pick up 2 1gb memory cards to go along with it.

I’m not sure if these are the right ones to buy or not:

If they aren’t, could you please point me in the right direction of some that are? Preferably on Target’s site. But, if not, another site would be fine.

Thanks for your time!

I’d go for the 8 gig.  Only a few bucks more.

But anyway.

Don’t even mess with 1 gig cards.

2 gig cards fill FAST.  However, they are ridiculously cheap now.  Like 2 for $5 with adapter kits.

4’s are fine.

8’s are pretty cheap now.  Less than $25 last time I checked.

16’s are cool but still a bit pricey.  that will change within  a few months.

With the economy so slow I imagine the markets for all this stuff are drying up.

So personally I do the 8 gig Fuze and then get an 8 gig Sandisk micro SDHC.  By the way, they appear to be Class 2 now.  they work fine for video and music, no worries.  Class 4 seems to have disappeared, or been “reverted” to Class 2.

Avoid Kingston 8 gig microSDHC if you intend on using for video.  Many reports of problems.

Well the problem comes in that, from target, the 8gb is not a few bucks more.

^4gb = $75

^8gb = $130

I only have target cards :frowning: I would love to have the 8gb but whatever. I can live with the 4. But I guess I’ll shop around on the memory cards. Thanks for the info on the cards!

I agree. One gig cards are not very practical now, and the cost per gig is much higher on a one gig card than on a 2 gig or a 4 gig card. Carrying too many  small capacity micro SD cards is not a good idea. They are too easy to lose. One can get a 4 gig micro SDHC card for under $10 if they shop carefully. If a 4 gig card is $9.50 though, a 2 gig card $6, and a one gig card $4, why not just go for a 4 gig card?

The link you gave for the Transcend card is for a full sized SD card. The Fuze uses a micro SD card which is physically much smaller than a full sized card.

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$75 for a 4 gig Fuze is not so bad. On the net it might be just $5 or so cheaper. $130 for an 8 gig Fuze is crazy though. On the net it is only around $80-90.*&bhs=t

That’s what annoys me so much. I would buy the 8gb in a second from amazon. It’s only $81. But I don’t have an amazon gift card :frowning: Oh well. I’ll live with the 4 gb. It’s big enough. The biggest mp3 player I had before these was a 2gb. So I can live with a 4gb. And the expandable memory is great.

If you put a 4 gig or 8 gig card in the 4 gig Fuze, you should have plenty of room. I think the downside to having less internal memory is that protected music might not work on the card, and it might need to be in main memory. Make sure you get a micro SDHC card. Get a card that is class 4 or class 6, as a class 2 card will be half the speed as a class 4 card for tranfers to the card. A class 2 card will also have slower database refreshes.

I bought a Sandisk 16GB micro SDHC card for my 8GB Fuze just to be on the safe side.

Popped it in and started loading songs straight away without any problem.

"I bought a Sandisk 16GB micro SDHC card for my 8GB Fuze just to be on the safe side. Popped it in and started loading songs straight away without any problem. "

Were you able to play protected music off the SDHC card? Perhaps some protected music might work on the card, but not subscription music? With 24 gigs of memory in you Fuze, you might have a problem with the 4,000 or so total song limit for the player. This is supposed to be increased to 8,000 with the next firmware update.

I don’t own any protected music - and never will!

The mp3s I have are encoded at 320bps, but I primarily bought the Fuze, because of flac/ogg support, so I’m not going to get anywhere near the 4000 limit, even with 24 GBs.

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Micro SDHC cards are cheap at

$12 for 8 Gb? I wish PC RAM was that cheap!

I have a 4Gb Fuze with an 8Gb micro SDHC card, and can fit about 1,200 songs in the player (all 320kbps).

Get the player you want at Target, then order micro SDHC cards from Amazon. Heck, get a couple, so you can swap between different music collections.