Anyone get a new 16g microsdhc card yet?

I see that they are starting to get in stock here in the states.

Has anyone has received one and used it in their Fuze yet? I think that the only ones out now are rated class 2.  I wonder if this affects just the transfer rate or the refresh rate, perhaps both?

The cheapest I’ve seen are around $72 on the Amazon marketplace. Bestbuy wants $99 clams…

Seeing as I just got a 8g card for $25…I’m gonna wait a bit and see if Sandisk is gonna release a higher class 16g in the near future.

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I’m in the UK and bought one (SanDisk) about a month ago when I bought my Fuze. It’s full and works fine. It cost about £45.

From what I’ve read the class only effects the refresh time if you put a lot of items on it and remove the card and put it back on.  I have a few 8gb and with only a few movies on them and it doesn’t take long to refresh.  My 8gb with some movies, a few tv shows and some podcasts takes a little longer (less then 2 minutes–haven’t timed it, but it’s not long).  So if you plan on swapping cards it may take a while to refresh (several minutes).  If you plan on keeping it in your Fuze, then you wouldn’t have a problem.

I’m waiting until the price goes down, but it does sound nice to have the 16gb of memory.  For me if I just put movies on them (that’s my plan, my Fuze holds my music and another card my post casts and another my audio books), it wouldn’t bother me which class. 

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From what I have read, SanDisk (and others) are using a new rating system, reflecting the minimum rather than the average or maximum trasfer rate of the memory cards. So they are saying the new 16GB cards, rated as Class 2 will have a minimum transfer rate of 2mb/sec, but can (and usually) transfer at a much higher rate, making it comparable to the previous Class 4 card. There hasn’t been any rumors that I’ve heard or read that indicate that a faster card is in the works (but who knows, SanDisk plays it pretty close to the vest).

Also the refresh time it takes is dependent on the number of files, not the size of the content. If you have 1000 songs, it’s going to take much longer to refresh than if you have for example 4 movies.

The refresh happens when there is any change in the file structure residing on the card. This includes changing cards, but more importantly to the majority of users (myself included), everytime you un-plug your device from the computer after adding, deleting, or changing files.

I don’t have a card in my Fuze, but with my e280v2 (8GB) and an 8 gig card making 16GB total, it takes a full 5 minutes for a DB refresh everytime I disconnect from the computer after changing something on either the player or the card. Adding a playlist, swapping files from one memory to the other, diagnostics trying to help someone here on the forum, etc. Both my player’s memory and card are virtually full (less than 20 MB on both combined).

I can only imagine the time it will take when I get a 16GB card and have to wait for a 20-24GB refresh! Not something I’m looking forward to. I’ll probably have time to call Dominos for a pizza while I wait! :smileyvery-happy:

Here’s one on E-Bay for $64.95 + $4.99 s/h ($69.04 total):

Here’s one on E-Bay for $64.95 + $4.99 s/h ($69.94 total) in stock in San Francisco:

Here’s one on E-Bay for $64.95 + $4.99 s/h ($69.94 total). In stock & ships from San Francisco. Includes mini & SD adaptors AND a card-reader!