When I make a playlist for my podcasts, the playlist shows up empty on the clip

I am getting inconsistent results making playlists.

When I make a playlist from my podcast files, the playlist on the Clip says it is empty.  However, my music playlists show the music files just fine, and music playlists were created using the same method I used to create the podcast playlist.

I make playlists by selecting music or podcasts files already in my Clip and dragging the selected files into my Winamp playlist window.  I then save the playlist back into the Clip into the folder holding the selected files.

So I’m stumped, why would music playlists work but not podcasts playlists?

I am using MSC mode with firmware 01.01.29, 4Gig Clip.

Windows XP.

Podcast files are downloaded from Itunes 8.0 and copy/pasted from the Itunes podcast folder on my hard drive into my Clip Podcast folder.

Music files are just basic mp3 files.

I need playlists for my podcasts to work so that I do not have to fumble around with the clip when a podcast ends while I am excercising at the gym.

If the genre is “podcast”, look in the podcast folder.  The latest firmware “steals” files labelled audiobook or podcast, and places them in this folder.

In this mode, you will have a bookmark for each file.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

I am not sure what you are talking about.  I have a list of my podcast files in my podcast folder on the clip.  But I have to manually play each one.  I want to play my podcasts in a playlist so that they play automatically one after the other, without me having to start/stop each one.

Files in the Clip’s “podcasts” folder or with ID3 genre tag set to “podcast” get hijacked as podcasts and won’t play in playlists based on previous posts.  If you set genre to something else and move the podcasts to another folder you should be able to set up a playlist of podcasts the same way you set up a playlist of songs.

Ah, I get it!  I’ll try that asap, thank you so much for explain that to me.  :stuck_out_tongue:

It worked!  Thank you.  :smileyvery-happy:

you loose bookmarking though :cry:

Perhaps this will change with the new firmware coming out in the next month.

What is bookmarking?

The placing of a marker relative to a position to a file, so that you can return to that place in the file either when clicking on the bookmark or opening up the file again.

Ah, I see what you are talking about.  From the firmware notes, only files in the podcast folder gets bookmarked.

Wow, so it’s a trade-off between having playlists and having working bookmarks for our podcasts/audiobooks files.

I hope they fix this!  :dizzy_face:

Audiobooks in that folder also get bookmarked.  Plus the file being played when the player gets turned off (the player will start back with that file and position when turned back on).