Cannot create/sync playlist of podcasts

After experimenting with my new Clip+ I’ve come to a conclusion, but would like some confirmation. In both WMP and Rhapsody I created two new playlists - call them A and B. In A, I placed mp3 files whose ID3 genre tags were ‘podcast’ and in playlist B files whose genre tags were not ‘podcast’ and sync’d both. Playlist A showed up on the player empty with the podcast files in the podcast location. Playlist B showed up on the player with the files included in the playlist and in whatever genre they were tagged. What’s odd, though, is that looking at the Clip+ through Windows Explorer, there is a Playlist A with the files included. Looking at Playlist A with the Clip+, it’s empty.

My conclusion is either the Clip+ singles out ‘podcast’-tagged files for the podcast location and won’t add them to a playlist (though Explorer sees them there) or, more generally-speaking, if a file is tagged with any genre that is also a Clip+ location/directory, then that’s where the files are going, regardless of playlists.

Confirm or deny. I’d love to know where I’m wrong. A playlist of podcasts would be extremely usefull.

Update: I just tried to create a playlist of podcasts with Explorer and just right-clicking and creating - still creates an empty playlist just like above.

Message Edited by jsmaye on 01-26-2010 12:07 PM

Did a little digging - this is a feature to allow podcasts to be “resumed” and excluded from being shuffled.