Podcast in a Playlist?

Does the Clip+ support Podcasts in a Playlist?

I created a playlist using Windows Media Player V11 that contained podcasts. I synched to the Clip+ and the playlist shows up on the Clip+ but it is empty. I use the same procedure for music files and the playlist works fine.

I know there are other solutions to listening to podcasts sequentially (e.g. by specifying the same Album name tag) but it is not clear from the Clip+ documentation if Podcasts in a Playlist is supported.

I have a similar problem.  Before I got this Clip Plus I had the Clip, and it allowed me to create a .pla playlist in Windows Explorer (select podcasts, rt click, create playlist).  You can still do this, but the playslist shows up as empty on the player if created in the Podcast Folder, but not in another music folder.

So I don’t have any way to select the order of podcasts unless I treat them like songs, and give up the resume feature.


Charlie, the best solution to get around this problem I have found is to select all the podcasts you want using windows explorer, right click on them, Properties, Summary tab, Advanced, Album Title, and type in a name like PL1 for playlist one. Then copy these podcasts to the Click+.

You can then play these podcasts in sequence and you get the resume feature. It still doesn’t show up as a playlist but at least you get resume…

Hope that helps.

What makes a podcast a podcast according to the player is if the file has the genre podcast or if it is in the podcast folder. It can be a song or a spoken word file. If a file has the audiobook genre or is in the audiobooks folder, then the player considers it an audiobook, even if it is a song, or a spoken word file. If the player doesn’t consider a file a podcast or audiobook, and the file is an mp3, wma, ogg, or flac file, then the player considers it a song. To have podcasts in playlists if you want to put them there, just follow the rules the player has for what it considers a song. Keep in mind though that if a spoken word file is considered by the player to be be a song, then it will show up in song lists, and it will play when you shuffle all your songs. There won’t be any autoresume function for it. Playlists are just for what the player considers a song.

Instead of using playlists for podcasts, just give all the podcasts you want to play as series the same album tag, and assign track numbers to them so they play in the order you want. Then you could put this album of podcasts in the podcast folder. That is how I arrange my podcasts. Then I just Go to music>podcasts on the player and choose the album of podcasts I want to play, and it plays in the order I arranged based on the track numbers. I use the free program MP3TAG to make it easier to edit the tags.