Playlist that includes podcasts in the Clip's Podcasts folder

I would like to create a playlist with both

  1. podcasts that WMP downloads to the Clip automatically as songs/albums (i.e. WMP gives me no choice to download them into the Clip’s Podcasts folder)


  1. podcasts that I have to drag to the Clip’s Podcasts folder in Windows Explorer (because, as I described in an earlier post on this forum, for some reason the Clip will not play them properly when I let WMP download them as songs/albums).

Alternatively, I’d like to create a playlist with only .mp3 files that are in the Clip’s Podcasts directory.   

WMP doesn’t do either.  It seems to be designed to create a playlist with songs or other audio files that are on the Windows computer, then synch that to a device like the Clip.  The synch process recognizes that a song/podcast is already on the Clip and doesn’t download it again–that’s fine.  But when the synch process sees that a podcast is not in the album/song directory structure of the Clip, even if it is in the Podcast directory structure of the clip, it downloads a copy–to the album/song directory structure of the Clip, where the Clip won’t play some of them, as mentioned.  Dead end.  And since WMP doesn’t see the Podcasts content, it provides me no way to create a playlist out of just the Podcasts folder content.  

Has anyone done anything like what I’m trying to do?  If so, what tool/technique did you use to do it?  I figure what I need is a playlist management tool that allows me to point to an .mp3 file in the Clip’s Podcasts directory and that just downloads the .pla file without trying to download the .mp3 files that the playlist names.   Is there such a thing?