when i copy any material to my cruzer blade 8gb it changed to a shortcut of it

hi please help
i have a cruzer blade 8gb
problem1-my frnd format my pendrive and i didn’t backup any files.(tell how to download that files from net)
problem2-after that when i copy any files to it, it completes the coping process and then after 10seconds it changed to a shortcut. it didn’t work in car and in other computers. the space is occupied as the original file has but when opens it shows shortcut.
reply fast plz

I think I read somewhere recently about a new virus causing a problem like this.  Your machine may be infected.

Hear’s where I read about that and some things you may try.


sooo ab mein kya karu…??? :frowning:

Huh? :confounded:

:smiley:       Hello!

Aha, well, then the simplest thing to do (if you have files to lose), it is following:

1 - As your Pendrive infected (virus ‘AutoRun Recycler’), you have to check before that PCs in the plugs, have an updated Antivirus functioning, and are not infected.

2 - If you can not do this check, do not use any more Pendrive, and gift it to you.

3 - If you can do the testing, see, then plugging that you get any Poster Antivirus and alerting the problem is solved.

4 - Then go to the Start menu and open the ‘My Computer’ folder.

5 - Here you will see a series of icons of disks, and you choose one that will tell ‘Disco external’ 8GB or ‘Removable Disk’ 8GB, etc.

6 - Then click on it with the right mouse button, and the menu comes out, you press the button Left on ‘Format’.

     Attention: Make sure it’s your Pendrive 8GB .

7 - You will get a new menu where you choose ‘Quick Format’, and wait a moment.

8 - Finally , you can ‘Open’ your USB flash drive, and you will see that it is ‘clean’.

9 - And so you can use perfectly and no need to install anything to use it.

10 - Y ‘Colorin Colorado’, este cuento ha terminado…

Regards, Alfred. (translated by Google)