Files appear as direct link

Hi! I’d be grateful if you could indicate how to get rid of a virus or a worm that makes the files in my Cruzer Blade 16GB to appear as direct links. Many thanks!

“direct links”???  I must admit I’m not sure what you’re talking about.  “Links” usually refer to things in an Internet browser that take you to websites.  So not sure how that relates to a USB drive.

:smiley:  Hello!

This happens virus infection “Autorun Recycler”.

This, like “Hide” your files, and you can only see as “shortcuts”.

It try the following :

1 - Plug the USB flash drive into a PC with Antivirus.

2 - The antivirus, disable the virus.

3 - Then enter the “Tools” button and a window open in the “box” that appears, you choose the “View” tab.

In this, ticked "show hidden files you “and below destildas” hide protected system files "and then give all the “accept”.

Please note that when you finish put back “hide …” and “no show …” again.

4 - Now you will notice that your files appeared, but with “Phantom icons”, then all you have to do to restore their original attributes.

To do this, click on the left mouse button in the root of the pendrive, pressing <Ctrl+E>, and right in the selection, click and on the shortcut menu, you choose Properties.

Finally, destildas the option “hide” and Ready !!!

5 - Surely, plus your files, you’ll see “other foreign”.

Immediately delete them manually, they are traces of the virus (Recycler folder, etc.), that the inactivated virus, but not entirely eliminated.

Attention: when you’re done, put back “hide …” and “no show …” again.

Regards, Alfred. (translate for Google).

I got this one too. Just reformat this and it will be fixed. Make sure to make a back up. Additionally, try to scan your PC as well.

:wink:    Hello!

To defend your self and fight the virus “Recycler AutoRun”, you can put in pendrive
two small soft [P]ortables: USB Utilities 1.00 [P], and USB MsnCleaner 1.70 [P].
The find (alphabetical order) in [P]:
There are also two U3 Smart version in [U3]:

Regards, Alfred. (google translate).

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