$RECYCLE.BIN Folder Created On Flash Drive

Hi All,

I recently connected my Cruzer Glide 8GB Flash Drive to a computer running Windows 7 Home Edition, and after I removed my flash drive, I found that a $RECYCLE.BIN folder had been created on the flash drive. I am wondering if this is a sign of a virus.

Inside the $RECYCE.BIN folder is a filed called desktop.ini (129 bytes, INI file Type). I don’t know how to check for hidden folders or files, so I have only listed what I’ve seen without going through any settings or options.

I am wondering if this is a sign of a virus.

No!  Most likely the USB drive was seen as a Fixed drive rather than Removable drive by Windows and that’s what Windows does with Fixed drives.


@Ed_P or anyone. i am now experiencing this problem with my win7 bootable disk.  So it creates the $recycle.bin folder and then a link to the original files.  Of course when I try to use the drive i cannot use it the ordinary way because the $recycle.bin folder changes the structure of the files.

This never happened before…this is a recent occurrence.  Anyway, is there a way to prevent windows 7or any windows from doing this?

the $recycle.bin folder changes the structure of the files.

That is simply not true.  When you delete files on a drive with Windows it puts the deleted files in the $recycle.bin folder.  The only uses for the files in the folder are 1. to be restored by Windows and 2. permanently deleted.  No direct user use of them.  If you want/need to use a file in the folder use Windows to Restore the file to the drive.

Windows normally hides this folder so as to not confuse users.  Why you are seeing it I don’t know.