What should I do to do file recovery from RAW file system USB flash drive?

Hello! What am I supposed to do with RAW file system USB flash drive? I really have no idea! This morning, when opening a Transcend USB flash drive on my PC, it is shows: “The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Open its properties interface and check it there. Its used space and free space are both 0 bytes. Its file system type is also in RAW. What does that indicate? My flash drive is damaged or corrupted somehow? Since I still need the inner stored documents and photos, I do have checked the related topic online and found many forum threads recommended people to use RAW file system flash drive recovery software, like


and  http://www.piriform.com/recuva

How do you think? I really have no idea about such software and data recovery information. Thank you for any suggestion here!

Let me guess, you’re not recommending the free version of the icare-recovery app since it only will recover up to 1 GB of files and doesn’t work with drives classified as RAW.  So are you recommending the $69.99 Pro version or the $499 Enterprise version?

Do you get paid for posting SPAM or do you work for the company? 

Hi, If the size of flash drive’s used space is showing 0 bytes then, it means the drive might be infected by viruses. Thus, the file system of flash drive has turn into RAW type. In this situation, the data stored in it is still remains but the PC unable to locate the file. Hence, it will ask to format the drive and then reuse the flash drive. I don’t have idea about these tools you were talking but, i have used another recovery tool which helped me effciently in recovering data from flash drive. You can try this