What portable speakers are recommended for a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player?

I just bought a Clip+, but the speaker I had intended to use with it is incompatible. My question, then, is, what portable speakers are suitable? and I want something with a resonable price.

What speaker were you intending to use and why is it incompatible? Any speaker(s) will work provided you don’t try some humongous ones that require a lot of power to drive them.

Generally, computer speakers are a good choice, especially if they are AC-powered.

Unlike with iPods and some other players, there is not a “dedicated dock” or speaker system for the Clips. To use the Clips with a dock or speaker system, you simply use an inexpensive patch cord going from the Clip’s headphone jack to the AUX IN port of the speaker set or dock–some speaker sets and docks (including iPod speaker systems and docks, to make those systems universal with non-iPods) also come with a cable built in, that you connect to the Clip’s headphone jack. I have had total success and comfort in using this method with the Clip with inexpensive Sony speakers, a JVC car stereo system, and an Onkyo stereo system. All very easy to do.

I’m curious on this Niku, what’s the brand and model number of the speaker here? Perhaps we can check it.

@doncht wrote:
I’m curious on this Niku, what’s the brand and model number of the speaker here? Perhaps we can check it.

Wasn’t this already asked? :confounded:

MINIRIG!   Perhaps the best littel portable speaker available. Do a search on it. Only available in Great Britain. $130. 50 hour battery, and a 15W amp for the LOUDEST music possible from a small speaker. Watch the videos. 11 days shipping to Ca. QUALITY speaker!

Looks fine enough, but expensive: currently around $120 shipped to the U.S.

Yea, I wondered about his pricing, bu this speaker is incredible. I researched EVERYTHING on the market, from Bose to Jambox to JBL, etc, etc, etc. NONE have adequate volume in my opinion. I like my music loud. The Minirig is louder than all. 15W amp. You might see a 6W amp in some, or (2) 4 Watts. And this battery lasts 50 hours? Are u serious? Loud and long, great combination. It’s got packaging like Apple products too, comes in a great conainer in a nice bag. I’ll stop gushing over it. I had to have one and  have no regrets. Read all the Amazon reviews, they all give it a perfect score.