speakers for sansa Clip

I want to be some portable speakers for my sansa Clip. I don’t know where to get them. Are their any speakers/docking stations like the ones that have for ipod? Help

There are loads of speaker sets out there with a 3.5mm jack which simply plugs into the headphone socket.  Any set of computer speakers would do the trick.  For quality, look to the Logitech range of speakers.  If you’re based in Europe, ensure that you change your location to “Rest of World”, otherwise the output volume from the Clip may not be sufficient.

Logitech (and others) do convenient “soundbars” which would be convenient for a mobile lifestyle.


And you may want to check yout iPod dock/speakers out–they often have a cable for plugging into the earphone jack of non-iPods. 

But as to a specific dock for the Clip:  there ain’t none (unfortunately).