What is this 32MB Unallocated Space? 256GB SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1

I can’t find any information on this 32MB unallocated space and it seems no one has reported this. What is this space used for and why can’t I utilize it?

Where did you buy the drive?  It looks used. 

How do you tell by a screenshot that the drive is used? It was purchased on Amazon, sold by Amazon, when the box arrive the stickers don’t look tampered or resealed. I formatted the drive exfat, then I went into disk management and saw 32MB unallocated. Just wondering if other drives have this unallocated space as well.

I can always buy another drive on Amazon and see if it’s the same issue.

I deleted the 32MB unallocated unaccessible partition with disk part and now the flash drive cannot be formatted. I get a error saying data error (cyclic redundancy check). I believe that 32MB partition are the flash drive’s system files.

Please tell me a engineer at SanDisk nows about this 32MB unallocated space and that it shouldn’t be deleted.

hmmm  Did you look at the files on the drive before you refrormated it?  Drives above 32 GB are formated as exFAT at the factory so no reason to reformat them.  It’s possible the space was used by the SanDisk SecureAccess app which can be removed by simply deleting all the files.  And folders.  Did you use SecureAccess?

I bought a flash drive Extreme GO 128 GB USB3.1, it also has 16MB Unallocated Space. And there is trouble with speed after formatting. Write speed on new drive was about 120-130 mb/s, but after formatting it falls to 35 mb/s. 

Did you look at my screenshot? Why would the included software on the drive take up UNALLOCATED space? I know the drive comes formatted exFAT, I formatted the drive to delete the software that came preloaded.

I bought another identcal flash drive from Amazon and this drive also came with 32MB unallocated space.

Obviously, this is done from the factory. I wonder why I’m the first to report this as this drive has been out for quite some time now.

The disadvantage of blindly formating new drives.  If you don’t want the included software use Windows Explorer to delete the files and folders you don’t want.unallocated space

As for the unallocated space, good question.  Error recovery space?

hello for those that are experiencing issues after allocating the unllocated space use the official Sandisk software for formating to get the old format 


ok guys the 32 unallocated space is created by a proprietery formatiing softwar used by the compagny ( my best guess) as I have replicated the the format even after i have alllocated the 32 to the rest. and NO your  SD is not used. as some of the disk are formated that way. as one of the users were saying earlier the unallocated space might be used for speed. I AM NO SANDISK STAFF. just a user who is doing some digging.

windows explore will not help as the partition is unallocated. it can’t be read. as there is no directory for it.