what is the most effective way of getting pictures/movies on the fuze?


I’ve been able to work out how to get pictures on to my fuze though paint but it takes a while to get them on I was wondering if anyone has found a quicker way  as when you paste the pictures you have to resize them to the size to the size of the fuze then save them as a JPG file 

just while I’m at it I getting a few films for the fuze do you have to do a lot to get them on or dose auto size for the films  

You can use the Sansa Media Converter for both photos and videos. Note though, that there are issues with different formats of videos.

Read all about it and d/l the Media Converter here.

You can use any photo editor for the photos. i usually make a copy of the photos at  600x450, but some make a copy of their photos that is the exact screen dimensions of the Fuze, 220 x176.

For images: FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter using the batch convert function, it resizes them to match the fuze resolution perfectly.

still takes its time tho for bigger albums.

the only problem is with images that are more high than width, cuz those wont get rotatet, or at least I havent found the option for that yet…