What is the difference between USB modes and when to use them??

Hi Everyone,  I am a new 8gb Clip user and have been reading some of the material here.  I am now totally confused as to what the 3 different usb modes are and when to use them.  I only drag & Paste mp3 audio books to my clip at the present, but hope to soon try downloading from the internet libraries.  I have left my usb to auto detect and had no problem upgrading to the newest firmware, or seeing any of my audiobooks.  I tried the other two modes and can still see all 3 of my audiobooks.  I do not want to make difficult later on, so what do you suggest to use for everything?  Or is that possible?  I hope to download mp3 books from the sites and burn to cd as backup so it does not disappear in 2 wks time.  This way I can put on the clip when I am done with my current books.  Is this possible, or can you only download directly to your clip?   Thanks from a newbie.   Aliza

The three modes are MSC, MTP, and Autodetect, sometimes known as AutodeFect.  But you probably knew the names.

MSC, aka UMS, treats the Clip as a flash drive when connected to a computer.  Drag and drop.

MTP is Microsoft’s way of ‘managing’ your ‘rights’.  Files transferred can be limited in a number of ways, and can ‘expire’, so you have to reauthorize them.

I suspect that audiobooks from the library will need to be transferred in MTP mode, so that you can only ‘check them out’ for a limited time period.  If so, burning them to a CD won’t do you any good, as they will still expire.

I have never had a need for MTP mode, but I may at some point in time try an audiobook from my city library, in which case I’ll need to.

Theoretically, they work together fine.  You can see all the files when using the clip.  The computer can see files transferred in MTP mode only when connected in MTP, and MSC transferred files only when connected in MSC.  Autodetect, who the heck knows.  I would avoid it like the plague.

As to which to use, I would suggest using MSC for everything, unless it won’t work, in which case try MTP.