what is the best fm transmitter / charger setup for sansa clip+ please?

hello, this is my first post here…i would like to use the sansa clip+ in my car

and can only use an fm transmitter/charger device

does anybody have any helpful suggestions please?

thanks in advance, j


hello Tapeworm:   you rock!  thank you so much for your help… j

I don’t use the clip for this, rather a flash drive. I got an fm transmitter from Meritline, I don’t care for ebay unless nothing else. You might have a noise problem if charging the clip while driving, you would need to test. The transmitters are very inexpensive so you won’t lose much to experiment.


i have decided on this one:


there are a few concerns but the pros outweigh the cons

the website lists a couple of other units at different prices

thanks for your help, j

Looks like a very capable unit but it is a bit pricey. Good luck with it, they area nice thing to have and can be taken from car to car.

I always liked the iRiver FM transmitter–nice-looking and has received good reviews.