What is "RMRMRMRM" etched over Sandisk on the chip?

I’m looking at some 16 gig USB flash drives which have a double line of “RMRMRMRM” etched over the Sandisk logo on the chip. 

I’ve attached a picture of the chip.    The USB drives themselves are unlabelled, but since I can make out “Sandisk”, here I am looking for help. 

Would anybody be able to advise as to what the “RMRMRMRM” means, and would it preclude these drives being classified as “Grade A”?

Thanks very much

When you asked the vendor that you bought the chip from what did he say?  Did he tell you where he bought them?

If Sandisk stamped the letters on the chip I would think it means it is bad or a reject.

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Hi Ed,

I didn’t get a complete answer - I was advised that “RMRMRMRM” was etched to allow the identification of the franchiser that sold the chip, however, the vendor was unsure of the supplier of the memory chip.  Of the sample of USB’s we’re testing prior to purchase, some are marked CHINA, and others are MAYAYSIA – both types having the “RMRMRMRM” etching on top of “Sandisk”.

Similar to your comment, the only references I can find on the web seem to also indicate a belief that “RMRMRMRM” means it’s likely bad or rejected.   I guess I was hoping for some confirmation from Sandisk that they do this with their rejected chips. Do you happen to know if Sandisk monitors the forums?