Sandisk Cruzer Contour 16GB - data recovery from memory chips

Hi, my friend gave me this flash drive that no longer works. He gave the drive to a company that does data recovery but they probably just ran some software, since they could not get most of the files out. The most I can understand is that there is some cracks in the circuit board (in any case, the flash drive is dead, not even the crystal oscillator works, I looked with a scope), since if I bend the circuit board a little, the blue LED lights up, but the computer still does not see anything… Now, I think that if I can get another flash drive like this one and solder the memory chips from the bad drive to the good one, I should be able to get the data. However, no store will let me take the flash drive apart to see if it is the same on the inside (uses the same memory chips and controller). Part Number is SDCZ8-16384RB Serial Number is BL0901NFXB Memory chips are SanDisk “P85218794 SDTNLLCHSM-8192 CP0179616AR” and “P85118794 SDTNLLCHSM-8192 CP0180245AR” Controller chip is “SanDisk 20-99-00137-3 8829-730952 SDC1” So, I either need a way to extract the data directly from the memory chips or find an identical drive and replace the chips with the ones that contain the data. I found one flash drive for sale that is also “SanDisk Cruzer Contour 16GB” and looks the same, but part number is different - “SDCZ8-016G-E76”, would it be the same internally, or do I need to find another “SDCZ8-16384RB”? Would any “SanDisk Cruzer Contour 16GB” do? Or maybe somebody could give me a circuit diagram for this flash drive, so I could repair the broken traces with some wires (the board has more than two layers, so it’s impossible to see the tracks visually).

well here is the problem. this device has several different hardware builds and there is no real way you can tell by the SKU if it contains the same parts. this is typical in retail products as there is no change notifications made pubic. that being said the best bet you would have is to get one with the exact same SKU SDCZ*-16384RB as that will give you the best chance but no guaranty. SanDisk does not provide data sheets or circuit diagrams for retail products so that is not an option for you. 

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