used USB

I have a problem with my old USB SandDesk cruzer micro 4.0 GB (can’t get any data). I took it to critical data recovery company and told the only way to recover the data is to trasfer the data to exactly identical memory chip. I can’t find this kind of USB in the market. any help?. I bought SandDesk cruzer 4.0 GB, however, the microchip is not identical.

what data recovery did you contact? LC technologies is probably your best chance

I have found the PhotoRec app to be useful and free for recovering deleted files. The following link shows you how to use it and it contains a link to download it.​ep

How to restore files from a corrupted USB,same thing with you they told me to find  a chip that is similar. I really need the files so badly. Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate it.