HELP! I need to find an older cruzer model.

Hello,  I am desperately searching for an older version of the SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 16GB USB stick (2008).  

ASIN : BL0908NSQB / SDCZ6-016G

I broke my older version in such a way that the port is not fixable, but the chip inside the casing is in tact.  My Data Recovery engineers have told me that in order to recover my data they need to transfer the chip from the broken cruzer to one that is from the same time period.  Apparently, the design inside the casing is altered by the manufacturers so frequently that simply buying a newer version cruzer won’t solve the problem because the chip won’t fit properly.  They tell me my only hope is to locate an older version or at least one that has as close to the above listed ASIN as possible. 

At this point, my only hope is to reach out to individuals who can tell me where to go to buy an older version or perhaps swap with someone directly. 

Many thanks for any help you can give me.


Did your Data Recovery engineers say it had to be of the same brand or just the same era?  And being they are Data Recovery engineers did they recommend a site or two for you to use to check for what they are saying is required?

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for the response.  They didn’t say it had to be the same brand.  And they didn’t recommend any alternative places to find another. What they said was buy a couple with the same model number and cross your fingers that the ASIN number is close… I did that once, but I won’t keep spending money on these things then drive to the guys just to have them take the thing apart and tell me “no dice.”  Or at least, I won’t until I have exhausted all other avenues.

I got in touch with SanDisk directly and I got put in touch with the Hollywood version of techinical support…I think it went to a foreign country and the guy couldn’t consult.  I inquired with their online support and got a better response, but they told me to try a different Data Recovery company that in fact, couldn’t help me.  I put an ad on Craig’s list… scary.  I contacted a guy on eBay who appeared to have one used, so he could check the ASIN number on it.  Appealed to my friends on FB lol… I am really just pecking around where I can to try to find my needle in the haystack. These kind of boards are probably the best option,  but I am just getting to it.

Sorry for the book, but if you can think of something else I might try I am all ears.  Thanks again! 

Trying a different Data Recovery company is actually not a bad idea.  Or a company, or a guy, that works with electronic boards.  Someone that can solder a USB plug to the board.  You don’t need to have it back in perfect working condition, you just need it to last for one last use.  It could all be glued to a popcicle stick.  It only has to work to the point where you can plug it in, have the pc see it, then copy everything off it.  After that it can be thrown away. 

Hi Ed,

Again thanks for taking the time to write to me.  The guys I originally went to made it sound like a cruzer chip can only be read by the makers. So, do you think these guys were just trying to protect themselves from the risks of using a popsicle stick?  Obviously, I am not asking you to read minds but, is there risk to doing it that way?      

Thank you

Well, it depends on what/how you asked them to fix the problem. 

This is my favorite flash drive and has years of important pictures and files on it.  Can you repair it so I can use it again?

This is my favorite flash drive and has years of important pictures and files on it.  Can you fix it so I can copy my files off it?

One is looking for a permanent repair, one is looking for a temporary repair.  Different problems, different solutions.

Hi Ed,

I broke the port completely off in such a way that it’s absolutely not fixable so, yes they understood that the goal was to retrieve the data off the chip and call it a day.  

I wonder if you (or anyone) could suggest other message boards that are as engaged as this one where I might post my plea? 

thanks again

Not offhand but the 'net is a big place and Google is your friend.  I wouldn’t give up on repairing the broken broad temporarily, with solder and glue, and would add that to your search possibilities.

Good luck my friend.