Test for chip types: SLC vs. MLC, etc?

Is there a utility that will identify the type of memory in a sd card or usb flash drive?

Hi @mrrly,

Please be informed that there is no utility to test the type of memory in an sd card or USB flash drive.

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Chipgenius might give you more information on the chip codes.

That being said SLC is pretty specific, any flash still sold as SLC is going to be marked as industrial grade memory, and should be easy to identify.

Any normal consumer flash will not be slc, has not been a thing since the intel x25-e.


Thank you.

Also the microSD version doesn’t last half as close to the SLC cards

This is completely false as several Sandisk chips marked Industrial are MLC. Here is one for example:

Expand memory portion:
Flash Memory Technology

Used it and lasts about 3k-9k P/E cycles