clc or not clc on usb flash drives

In the range of sandisk usb key which are equipped with memory type “CLC” and thus one lifecycle of 100,000 writings.

The specifications are incomplete I can not find the info, except on amazon or a mark clearly specifies the use of these chips. Thank you for your answers, and it would be nice if Sandisk gives this information.

do you mean SLC? if so there is not really any SLC used in retail products any longer. Also today’s flash does not have 100K P/E cycles. If you need something that is SLC and endurance specs anywhere close to that you would need industrial grade flash. 

Yes I’m just looking for a reliable USB key and saw the number of usb keys that have failed me and sometimes very quickly on brands that have a good reputation.

I use Sandisk SDcard Extreme range because the product indications are reassuring on longevity.

By cons for usb keys no indication of the grade of the chips used which is not reassuring at all, no MTBF indicated.

I need to install a browser and a web server on key and thus it generates many access “disk” so given the reliability of the usb keys (lower than the floppy disks!) I thought to find at Sandisk a product having the necessary qualities.

I’m crazy that the key is super fast if it has the reliability of a floppy disk.