What happens if battery runs down?

I just received my Sansa Fuze today and I’m having fun with my new toy. I searched the FAQs and even downloaded and printed out the ENTIRE user’s manual but I can’t find the answer to one question.

Will anything “bad” happen if my battery runs completely down? Will I lose my files or settings, or ???

I am worried that if I set a file to repeat and fall asleep (it’s a relaxation meditation program) the battery will run out and I’ll damage something. 

Hope someone can supply the answer!


I think it opens the possibility of a wormhole that may pull your Sansa into another dimension.

Actually, your Sansa will automatically shut down at a safe minimum battery voltage level, without depleting the lithium-polymer cell below this threshold.  The processor of the Sansa handles battery management as part of its duties.

It’s best for this type of battery to be treated just like a car battery: top it off regularly, rather than allow it to drop to the actual minimum.  You cannot overcharge the battery, as the Sansa automatically halts charging when the battery is “full”.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back here and thank you for the response. I was NOT sucked into a wormhole, but the low battery caused a shift in the space-time continuum and I’ve been struggling to put my reality back in place!!!

Actually, I DO appreciate your answer and it puts my mind to rest. Thanks!