i need some help with my battery!

well i’ve had mine a little over a year and i can tell the battery is losing life.

i can charge it Saturday night and it’ll be down to about 36% by Wed. i use it about 30min-2hours each day.

it used to last about 15-20 hours.

i also have tried to run it down fully but a few times i’ve not done that. 

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anything else?

zach216 wrote:
anything else?

Yes . . . please don’t post the same question multiple places. Not only is it extremely confusing to everyone, but it un-necessarily clutters up the place. :wink:

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look. nobody posted in the first question.

and no i’m just asking what is the problem. 

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i know that.

but thanks. 

Ouch.  Play nice, folks, it’s only a question, right?  The Fuze uses a Lithium Polymer battery, with a higher energy density than the earlier lithium battery of the Sansa e200, and it may behave a wee bit differently in terms of service life.

My Fuze is a year old, and it seems to be pumping along just fine.  The Fuze doesn’t get the daily grind that my e280v2 does; the e280 is docked quite regularly, and gets topped off in the process. 

I would try running the device down for a cycle, let it go down to “feed me” status, and recharge for a few hours, preferably overnight.  Then see how she does in the long run.  Topping off these batteries should give the longest service life, but these wee cells are new…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: