Fuze Battery Question

I was told recently by a fellow at Sandisk Fuze tech support that you should always completely run the Fuze’s internal battery down completely prior to recharging. I thought that with the newer lithiun ion and ever newer lithium polymer batteries used in the Fuze, that those days were gone?

I know that it’s good to do this occasionally to keep the “fuel guage” working right, but isn’t this guy totally wrong on this one?

Running the Lithium Polymer battery down to the low battery threshold occasionally isn’t a bad thing, and it will happen occasionally.  I wouldn’t make a habit of it, as suggested, as the new generation battery functions best when treated just like an automotive battery: charge that wee beastie up!

The Fuze automatically switches to a trickle mode once the battery is completely charged.  Yes, gone are the days of “memory” and forming NiCd batteries.  It’s the energy density of the LiPo that allows the sansa to be so small, yet run for so long.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

So “topping-up” the Fuze’s battery at any/all times is perfectly OK, but it occasionally needs a good running down to a very low level?