What different Ultra USB 3 and Ultra Flair USB 3?

Ultra USB 3 32GB  - works perfectly with QuPac Digital Mixer A&H
Ultra Flair USB 3 64GB  - Not recognized and can not to be formatted by this device.
What differents - flash memory controller, FAT parameters or firmware?
Is it possible to replace the firmware?

I already tried to format Ultra Flair USB 3 64GB using HBUSBDisk.exe  - this does not solve the problem.

In addition the first stipulation from manufacturer (A&H) is - all the USB memory devices must be formatted by the Digital Mixer (QuPac).

All formatted by A&H mixer disks (which works well) are displayed on the computer (by R-STUDIO NETWORK) as FAT32.


For example - 2TB Western Digital:

                                         Sector Size - 512 Bytes

                                         Partition Size - 1.82 TB

Drive Control:

                                         Maximum Transfer - 64 KB

                                         I/O Unit - 512 Bytes

                                        Buffer Alignment - 4 Bytes

Physical Drive Geometry:

                                        Cylinders - 243197

                                        Tracks Per Cylinder - 255

                                        Sectors Per Track - 63

                                        Sector Size - 512 Bytes

                                        Partition Layout Sector Size - 512 Bytes

Partition Properties:

                                        Partition Type - FAT32 (LBA)

FAT Information:

                                        FAT Bits - 32

                                        Cluster Size - 32 KB

                                        First Cluster Offset - 465.64 MB

                                        Root Directory Cluster - 2

                                        First FAT Offset - 16 KB

                                        Size of One FAT Table - 232.85 MB

                                        Number of FAT Copies - 2


Even copying the FAT32 parameters from SanDisk Ultra 32 GB (that works well on Digital Mixer) does not help.

Differences detected - Firmware:

SanDisk Ultra 32GB (work well) has PMAP Firmware

SanDisk Flair 64GB (not work) has Firmware 1.00

What can be future actions?

Standard FAT32 format only supports drives up to 32GB.  See if your QuPac Digital Mixer A&H supports the exFAT format.  Check the QuPac Digital Mixer A&H site and see if they have an upgrade.