SanDisk Ultra Flair 64 GB unable to receive 6 GB file?


I bought Ultra Flair 64 GB a couple of days ago, to copy my mail to another computer.

As I’m using Thunderbird, copy/paste is pretty straightforward: copy user folder, and paste to another computer.

I started copying 13,7 GB folder with all mails, to folder named “Mail Backup” on the USB.

Write speed never reached over 30 MB/s, but that aside, after almost 15 minutes, when copying comes to “Inbox” file, which is 6 GB, I get a message that the file is too large for it’s destination folder?

Please explain how is it possible that a 64 GB USB (ok, it’s actually 57 GB), cannot write a 6GB file?

Solutions would be preferable. Otherwise I will have to return this, because it’s malfunctioning.

Check what format the drive is, FAT32 or exFAT. Usually, drive and memory cards above 32 GB are formatted exFAT which will handle files to be transferred above 4GB. However, some are formatted as FAT32 which will only handle individual files up to 4GB.

Thanks for your reply.
Looks like it’s FAT32 originally.
Wasn’t aware of this limitation.
Are there any shortcomings when formated to NTFS?

NTFS is designed for hardrives not USB drives.  It journals which means extra writes to the USB drive which means slower file updates and greater chance of a corrupted drive if the USB drive is removed too quickly.  exFAT doesn’t have those concerns, is designed for drives that have files over 4 GB.

Your choice.