Weird problem...

After updating my fireware and adding more songs till the Express was full, if I try to do a play all for certain artists, the Express will display  “no song” and when I go back to the screen for that artists and select an album I also will get a “no song” message.

However, if I select a album and song directly I don’t seem to get that problem.

Basically, I can’t do a play all for certain artists.

I have tried backuping all my songs and formatting the internal memory through the player which solved a problem with ID3 tags not updating but not the “no song” problem.

Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

Yeah, I’m getting a similar problem.  Device refuses to play certain songs that it used to play, and when I go in via that specific album, it either lists “no song”, or only a few songs.  This started right after I updated the firmware.  Anybody know how to revert to the old firmware?