Express Problems - Not always seeing songs?

I just got my Express today from Amazon, and while I love it, there small problems are really killing me.

First, when I’m browsing through songs, I’ve found that if I select “Play All”, it automatically says “No Songs”, and when I proceed to go into each Album folder, it says “No Songs”. If I go back to that same artist a minute later, and go directly into the Album folders, the songs appear.

What is going on here?

Also, I’m using Mac OS X (Powerbook), would this affect it? I had no problem moving songs on, but the player did sometimes randomly shut off when I came upon a “No Song” barrier.

Any thoughts? I will be calling SanDisk in the next week, as I don’t see why my player sometimes recognizes songs, and then at times doesn’t.


Did you put the songs in the music folder?  What files type are they?

Message Edited by Sansa_e280r on 10-09-2007 11:43 PM

They are all MP3 files, a few might be MPEG-4, but those seem to work. I did place them in the Music folder.

The Express will only play MP3, not MPEG-4.

I have exactly the same problem. Selecting another artist and a defined song works. Choosing “play all” fails. Haven’t found a solution yet for this ennoying problem.

Have you tried formatting it?  Sounds like a database issue to me.